Don't Buy, Adopt…

No puppy born in a "serious" kennel will find himself on the street; a good breeder aims to "select" the owners and will always be available to take back his dog if the family is no longer able to deal with it…

When you buy a puppy, you don't just buy a life or a soul, you also pay for the work that is upstream before and after birth!
The well-being and care of the mother and the puppies, the maintenance of all the subjects present on the farm, the costs of participating in various zootechnical checks (beauty exhibitions and / or work tests), genetic tests and radiographic examinations, veterinary visits, without counting the hours dedicated to all this, because otherwise the "cost" would be UNIMAGINABLE

When this work does not exist then you should avoid buying the puppy because it is going to feed a highly HARMFUL market!

Stray dogs are "products" of accidental home litters, mating between strays or the result of irresponsible owners ... or also dogs coming from bad breeders, entrusted to the first one who happens, the same one who once tired of the toy will dispose of them without too many scruples.

Both the purchase and the adoption are choices to be made with great responsibility and awareness!

A true adoption should arise from the desire to give a ransom to a soul humiliated and wounded by the one who had to take care of it. It makes me particularly "sad" to read information requests made to many talented volunteers such as: how tall, color, how much he weighs, is he healthy, loves all animated creatures, rides a car, can climb stairs, pulls on a leash etc… true adoption is only that of the heart!

I am fortunate to know several associations and individual volunteers who carry out the task of volunteering very well, especially related to the English setter breed and hunting dogs in general, but also mestizos, some operate only on national territory, others also abroad thanks to a network of collaborators on the European territory. If you are interested in a conscious adoption, I will be happy to give you information!

Buy or adopt… but do it consciously!