Our aim is to breed high quality English Setters with balanced temperament, sound construction and good health!!!

We usually have an average of one or two litters per year; the number varies based on various factors, litters involve a considerable amount of work so I want to plan carefully especially because breeding is my passion but not my job.

All the subjects that enter the breeding plan are officially tested for the main pathologies of the breed and must be exempt:

  • HD normal
  • ED normal
  • Baer Normal
  • Pra rcd4 - Clear

This is as true for females as it is for males; even if we use a stallion not owned by us, he must absolutely respect these prerogatives.

Each female, by our choice, has never had more than 3 litters in her life, and after the last litter (usually around 7 years of age considering the time interval between one mating and the other) she is sterilized, for greater peace of mind both in terms of health and for heat management

A serious and responsible breeder plays an important role in the prevention of diseases, but this does not mean that some of them, for example dysplasia, also need to be a good subsequent job done by the individual owners: Dysplasia is a polygenic and MULTIFACTORIAL pathology!

A puppy born of "exempt" parents and progenitors must still be "followed" carefully throughout the first year of life, both with a balanced and correct diet and the help of chondro protectors as well as with a lifestyle suitable stages of growth ...

The breeder is not infallible, we are dealing with living creatures; a responsible breeder works to avoid problems, but if these happen, and it can happen, he will do his best to help solve them, always remaining available to his customers.

The interest in the well-being of my dogs certainly does not end once they are sold.

We occasionally have puppies , and we are very  careful in finding the best loving homes for each of them.  No matters if you are  not interested on show …we let some outstanding pups go to pet homes as good life is the must and the most important thing for our pups

When you select to buy a puppy from a reputable and quality breeder, consider  that the breeder asks you lots of questions. This shows that I want to know exactly what kind of home the puppies are going to, don’t be defensive; I am just doing my job , which is taking care of the puppies I bring into the world…

I can always take the dog back, at any stage of the dog’s life, if you’re unable to care for it!
To trust a breeder it is the key point…

Because as a breeder I know the development of my own bloodline. I have the experience to understand which kind of development the puppy will have …of course I did not have the crystal ball to predict the future and to guarantee that the puppy will be a best in show winner, but for sure I know better then inquire how it should grow.

The best time to evaluate a puppy is approximately at 9 weeks… so if you are looking for a show quality puppy you must have a lot of patience because you need to wait a bit more to be sure about the bite too… Unfortunately when is the time for the puppy to go into its new home the impression could be not good… the body proportions of the puppy change and sometimes pictures and videos can lie and don’t give any justice to the puppy , on the other hand with a good filter , photoshop and all “artificial “ ways so easy to be used nowadays even a big fault became MAGNIFICENT…

These are several reasons to trust a breeder above all when it is not possible to look at the puppy because , for example, you are living too far away!

PUPPIES are ready for their new forever homes NOT BEFORE 10 WEEKS of age  WITH:
  • FCI Export Pedigree
  • Complete deworming cycle
  • Vaccinations
  • Pet Passport
  • Microchip
  • Prevention treatments for heartworm and external parassites (ticks and fleas)
  • Audiometric test (Baer Test)
  • Echocardium
  • Puppy Kit